USB-powered ionizer fan is perfect for polluted desks


Is your cubicle located on top of a pile of garbage? If so, you might want this USB-powered air purifier. The product’s manufacturer, Brando, says “We are surrounded by polluted air every day. Wherever you may be, you will be breathing in the nasty polluted air.” Gee, that’s inspiring. So what should I do, Brando? Got any bright ideas?

“This USB Ionizer Fan with Aroma Diffuser is designed to refresh your environment by purifying the air, eliminating odors, particles and pollutants. Just plug it into your computer via the USB port to get fresh air all the day. It can refresh the air at home, office, car, etc.”

Ah, perfect. Thank you. Surely this device costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, right? Wrong again. It’s $19 and can be powered by three AA batteries or via USB.

Product Page [Brando]