Get inside Carrie's MacBook in a shameless Apple/Sex in the City promotion

Sex in the City has always been a voyeuristic pleasure for those who enjoy it. It’s okay, admit it. And now you have the chance to go behind Carrie’s back and snoop around her laptop – which happens to be a Macbook Pro. I’m not the biggest fan, but I am very nosy, so this was a pleasure for me. There wasn’t any sensitive information, but the Stickies were full of interesting non sequiturs.

The OSX flash app is well-done, but it’s a sort of bizarro version of the OS. The menus are gone, there are no scroll bars, and it always wants to pop up windows. It’s full of propaganda for the upcoming movie and opening Quicktime gets you the trailer. The most puzzling part is that Carrie uses Camino. Not Safari, not Firefox, Camino. I use Camino. Is this a sign?