French school tells its students to turn off TV, computer, video games


So get this. There’s a school in France that’s telling its students to give up watching TV, using the computer, playing video games, etc. in a “game” against “an enemy.” (The school’s director’s words.) The enemy, presumably, is fun.

The 10-day long ordeal is modeled after our own “TV-Turnoff Week,” which found that kids consumed, so to speak, far less violence during the TV-free week, and were all the better for it. The French program is aimed at helping wean kids off gadget addiction, or whatever, and show them that learning can happen just fine without the use such hi-tech nonsense.

Doing CG requires that I sit in front of a computer all day, but I’d love nothing more than to turn all this stuff off and, I don’t know, read a book for a couple hours. That’d be great.