Flexible silicone keyboard also features VOIP phone


Well look at that. We’ve seen flexible keyboards and we’ve seen keyboards with VOIP phones attached to them, but here’s a flexible keyboard with a VOIP phone. Now that, my friends, is convergence. This product, like the USB air purifier from earlier today, is also from Brando, who says in broken English…

USB Internet Phone Flexible Keyboard, which is strong, silent and indestructible, is made of a high quality silicone material. It is also storable and portable that users can bring it everywhere. Its ultra-slim and lightweight design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment. Built in Dial Pad, Microphone and Speaker. It is designed for Skype phone. Now you just pick up the Skype phone and dial to make Skype calls to your friends all over the world as simple as traditional calling. Its flat design also offers an easy typing that prevent your wrists getting stress.

I would hope that the phone part can detach from the rest of the keyboard, but there aren’t any photos on the product page suggesting such a feature. There are also two USB ports on the left-hand side of the phone — they’re just USB 1.1, though. So it’s actually a flexible keyboard, a VOIP phone, AND a two-port USB hub. What a rush!

Product Page [Brando]