More proof: Bluetooth headsets make you a douche

dude1This is pretty funny. If you Google the term “Bluetooth” with “douche” using CrunchGear as the main site, you get a lot of hits. Why? Because we’ve been leading the charge against this stupid fad. Because if you wander around wearing a Bluetooth headset, you are a douche, it’s that simple. You might think you’re being futuristic, but you’re not. They are the 2000s’ equivalent of fanny packs in the late ’80s.

They’re so bad, I’m actually on a kickball team named Bluetooth Fannypack. Really.

Don’t take our word for it, though, as Holy Taco has compiled a list of ten things that you think make you look cool but don’t, and a few entries are gadgetastic.

Like Bluetooth headsets. And the iPhone. And ringtones. Now will you please take that off and act like a human being?

Thank you.