EMC concept cellphone tries to make elderly lives easier: Sorta unnecessary


The EMC (“easy mobil calling,” which isn’t a typo on my part) concept cellphone aims to make life easier for the elderly. With only four face buttons, each corresponding to a separate phone number, it simplifies the arduous task of remembering, well, four different phone numbers. Granted, all cellphones have an address book, so you’re not really required to know anyone phone number to begin with—I don’t know any of my friends’ numbers at all—so I’m not too convinced of its effectiveness, but that’s largely irrelevant.


Another critique I have: these pictures don’t do a good enough job of showing off the phone. Nowhere in designer Matthias Pinkert’s portfolio does he have shots of the inside of the phone, arguably the “selling point” of the phone.

A nice idea, yes, but one I think that’s largely unnecessary, given that, you know, all cellphones have address books.

via Yanko Design