Oh puh-lease: A treadmill bike? Get the hell outta here

I’m going to go on record and say that this is fake. Sure, there’s a product page that appears to be selling it for $2500, Canadian, and sure, it’s got some customer reviews, but I refuse to believe it’s an actual product. It’s too dumb. Plus, watch the above video. Why can’t anyone finish a sentence without smirking and/or laughing?

Anyway have fun with your bike-mills, people. Customer Jim Cho said it best when he called the Treadmill Bike [Deluxe] the…

“Best bike ever made. You can do all sorts of stunts like run backward or even run sideways (experts only). The girls flock to you when you do a spin move. It’s like the Razor scooter on steriods!!! If you have a friend that is a fast runner too, you can do tandem run biking!!!!”

Hell yeah, Jim. Hell yeah. PS: I want a treadmill bike after all.

via Geekologie