The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items.

Here are a few that we just couldn’t get to this week.


Good Day,
        My name is mike william and  I will like to know if you can supply me with a special Order 0f 3000 piecess T-shirts. below is the Describtion of my enquiry.
Colour    : Plain white ( Blank White)
Size        : Mix ( S &M )
Brand     : Gilden or Fruit of the Loam
Quantity: (3000)pieces.
Am ordering this T-shirt in regards to my company 40th Anniversary.I need the Blank because am going to paste the company Babge on the left chest of the t-shirt.I will need them approximately by two to three morning  for Pick Up.Kindly Advice if you can assist me with my enquiry and also let me know the method of payment you accept.Hopeful to hear from you in the near Future.
Much Regards
mike william


Hi Mike, thanks for the e-mail. An order of 3000 plain white T-shirts is going to be a bit much for us to handle. However, we’d like to work with you on a smaller order if that’d be alright with you. I can send you three (3) of my own T-shirts (slightly used) for the low, low price of $10. Please let me know if you’re interested. The T-shirts themselves are white, with some spots of yellow discoloration under the armpits. Other than that, they’re good as new.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I think your idea to paste your company’s Babge (badge?) on the shirts is a really, really great idea. Send us some photos, okay?


Its Celia Bruno from stickam. You still down to hook up?
Well, message me on my yahoo name

followed by…

Its Nelda Bridges from stickam. You still down to hook up?
Well, message me on my yahoo name
love ya

followed by…

Its Stefanie Stratton from stickam. You still down to hook up?
Well, message me on my yahoo name bigbootyblondiexx
buh bye


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ladies, please! Now, do I feel bad that the three of you had to meet under these circumstances? Yes. But do I still want to keep seeing all three of you? Of course. So here’s the deal;

Celia, you can come over any time between 8AM and 12PM. Bring breakfast, please. I like donuts (doughnuts). Nelda, your time slot will be from 12PM to 4PM. You’re on lunch. I like sandwiches that contain eggs and bacon. I know it’s unconventional but hey, so is dating three women at once. Stefanie, you’ve got the 4PM to 8PM time slot. Dinner will, of course, be all steak, all the time. The hours of 8PM to 8AM will be known as “me” time.

Be strong all night! .ticket id#jhvfqpmkenrot


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If the subject of your e-mail wasn’t enough to entice me, the picture certainly would. If the picture didn’t, then you’ve got the wonderfully poetic text to seal the deal. You certainly have a way with words, friend.

“Winded sambas, despair runes ate refusal = rowdy topmost lesser.”

Beautiful. You’re so wise. It’s as though I’m seeing the world for the first time.