Talk about the world around you with GeoGraffiti

Now in public beta, GeoGraffiti is a free “Verbal Bulletin Board” that allows you to record and share location-specific voice notes, or “Voice Marks”, whether you’re on the go or in front of your computer. Find a new coffee shop that you love? Call up GeoGraffiti, and leave a Voice Mark to let the world know. Want to warn people where the crack houses are? Voice Mark!

Once you’re registered, any Voice Marks from your mobile phone will be automatically associated with your account and added to the map, where others in the community can rate and respond.

Adding a new location through the site is quick and easy, but doing so over the phone is currently a bit of a chore. If you initiate the Voice Mark over the phone, its placement is only accurate to the zip code. After you record your Voice Mark, you’ll click your way through a series of menus to properly tag your recording – it’s easy to follow, but listening through the options takes a bit too long. It’d be nice to be able to store unpublished voice memos onto my account to be tagged and accurately positioned later.

It’s a rad idea, and could end up being a mega useful on-the-go resource as the userbase grows. Check out the video demo, or just skip it and go right to GeoGraffiti.