Meet Greg Kumparak, the new MobileCrunch editor

Greg eating a delicious sandwich

Introducing yourself is always kind of awkward, isn’t it? It’s tough to try to explain who you are without coming off as cocky or arrogant. I usually tend to go straight from my name to how incredible I am at skee-ball, which for some reason turns people away.

My name’s Greg Kumparak, and I’m the new editor for MobileCrunch. I hail from San Luis Obispo, land of tri-tip sandwiches and drunken frat guys. I run an independent blog/community about Helio over at, and have done some freelance IT consulting for Helio in the past.

I’m a geek to my very core. Gadgets, games, whatever – I’m completely fascinated with anything that has buttons to press. My credit score is beginning to feel the burn from my love for gadgets

Need to holler at me? Shoot me a message at greg at crunchgear dot com