Meet Jason Mosley, intern-at-large

bacon master

I am the new intern. I was told that I should write a little introduction about myself.

My name’s Jason Mosley, but most people just call me “Mosley”. I live in the ghettos of Pittsburgh. It’s not really that bad, but saying I live in a ghetto make me feel like a badass. I am a freelance designer and write about bacon on my blog,

That’s right, bacon. I love it and try to incorporate into everything I do, since bacon makes everything better. Even vegetarians are known to cave and enjoy bacon sometimes.

For the record, I don’t play WoW; I feel it would eat up all of my productive time. I do love all things geek and new. I have a MacBook, Centro (Sprint), and my computer monitors are bigger than my TV.

That’s all the useless facts I feel like sharing. If you want to know more, just head to my personal blog.