Nikon may have inadvertently announced the mid-range full-frame D10

Nikon’s strict naming conventions seem to have betrayed them. When they release a battery grip, they include the model number it’s for in the name. So the D200’s battery grip is the MB-D200. Well, they recently let fly the “MB-D10,” which fits the D300.

The source says he has never known Nikon to just arbitrarily change a name like that, so given the size the battery fits and the rumors swirling about of a camera of such-and-such capacity coming up soon, this is the conclusion: a D300-sized 5d competitor, priced and spec’ed lower than the D3 but higher than the D300. And because of the Olympics and Photokina, he notes that this is prime time for camera announcements. Maybe this hot tipper should get a job as a private investigator.