Qwest dumps Sprint in favor of Verizon for cell service


For the three of you that get your cell phone service through Qwest, it seems that the sun is slowly setting on its relationship with Sprint. Qwest has found a new beau in Verizon Wireless and starting next February, “Customers will have access to the full line of Verizon phones and devices, PC cards and multimedia services, and even be able to choose a ‘wireless only’ option,” according to mocoNews.net.

The existing Sprint/Qwest agreement is of the MVNO variety and handset options are pretty limited, whereas the Verizon deal sounds like it’ll basically be Qwest saying, “Hey, you want wireless with your landline service? Use Verizon and we’ll get a kickback.” You’ll apparently be able to choose to get a separate bill from Verizon or get everything on one bill from Qwest. Qwest offers a similar option for TV service in certain areas that’s pretty much like a referral to DirecTV. Same idea here with Verizon.