Gateway launching three new lines of desktops tomorrow

gateway fx510 1

Gateway is said to be launching three new lines of desktop computers tomorrow. One aimed at gamers, one for online media enthusiasts, and a line of entry level computers for average users.

For gamers, the FX series is the place to start. Gateway is highlighting the FX541, with it’s SLI motherboard, dual PCIe x16 slots, and has a factory overclocked NVIDIA 8800 GT video card.

If you’re into watching movies on your desktop or you’re a BitTorrent freak, you’ll want to look at the GT series. They feature a variety of configurations and can include AMD’s odd triple-core processor. Starting at $549, they have 15-in-1 card readers in the front, integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE or ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphic cards. The machines all have large hard drives to manage your large media libraries.

The DX series is a no-frills budget line for Mom and Dad. They’re similar to the GT line, but also include A/V in/out jacks on the front for editing home movies.

These lines come pre-loaded with Windows Vista, except the DXDX442XP which can ship with Vista or XP. It’s notable that a PC giant like Gateway is still bundling XP as an option, something that can’t make Ballmer happy.

You’ll be able to get machines from these lines tomorrow at