CrunchArcade: Popularity of GTA IV could hurt Wii


I hope you enjoyed your first weekend with Grand Theft Auto IV. I bet you didn’t even touch your Wii.

Yeah, that could be a problem for Nintendo.

The lack of GTA IV for the Wii has been noticed by Forbes, which says such a lack may “threaten” the Wii just as its existence on the PS3 may help revive Sony’s once-ailing console. (Not “ailing” in the sense that it was a failure, but in the sense that the perception was that there were no good games for it.) People may now be “over” the Wii’s quirky little charms after seeing what proper systems can do—good luck create a game with the same scale as GTA IV on the Wii—with proper games.

Now, Forbes clearly says “Wii won’t die,” but the overall suggestion, that Wii could be in for a bit of a rough patch, is certainly enough to upset the many diehard Nintendo fans, the kind who engage in flame wars online like they’re being paid.