Rumor: T-Mobile Sidekick Gekko to replace Sidekick iD

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If TmoNews is to be trusted and something tells me they should be then here’s a bit of info on the Sidekick Gekko I told you about the other day. It will be an entirely new device and not a limited edition LX or Slide like Tony Hawk’s forthcoming model. It will, however, replace the iD with a few major upgrades. Does anyone else feel like the Sidekick gets refreshed in half increments? For example, the Sidekick 3 was more like a Sidekick 2.5 while the LX and Slide were what the 3 should have been. Right? Anyway, the Gekko will see a 2-megapixel camera (bout damn time) with video capture. It will be highly customizable and may have some sort of video sharing software. TmoNews believes the Gekko and Aspen are one in the same. Who knows.