'Zv' takes your VGA signal and pumps it out over coax

bundle Here’s an interesting idea — sort of how FM broadcasters for MP3 players work, except this device sends video from your computer out to a blank TV channel over your home’s coaxial wiring.

It’s called “Zv” and it’ll cost $500 when it launches later in June.


There’s the ZvBox (shown above), which sits in between your computer’s VGA out and your monitor and then plugs into your nearest coaxial jack, and the ZvRemote that controls the box from up to 150 feet away. There’s also a USB device called the ZvReceiver that allows you to hook up multiple remotes or the wireless ZvKeyboard that’s due in August.

So the box basically creates a “localcast” over your home’s coax network, finding a blank TV channel to call home. You switch to that channel on your TV and begin using the Zv interface to digest content from a mixture of websites, movie services, your computer’s DVD player, platforms like Joost and Veoh, video sharing sites like YouTube, podcast, torrent sites, and that kind of stuff.


The box turns your VGA output into a high definition video stream, so if your TV has an ATSC tuner, you’ll get it in HD. I’m not sure yet if you’ll be able to view and manipulate your actual desktop as though you were sitting in front of your computer or if everything has to be controlled using the Zv interface (shown above).

It’ll start shipping in June and there’s already a product page up on Amazon, if you’re interested.

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