Sezmi: a complete set-top and cable replacement system that will die gloriously

This startup has an ambitious plan: to unify and replace all your TV-related services and combine them into one box. Satellite TV? Check. Cable? Check. On-Demand Video? Check. Sezmi is working with some of the major distributors and content providers to create a one-stop box for all the stuff that comes separately these days. The idea is that the separate services will still be there in the background, but there will be just one box and one seamless delivery system. With a terabyte hard drive, broadband connection, and probably about fifty cables snaking out the back, integrating the services is possible, but may be challenging from a usability point of view.

Anyhow, it’s an admirable idea, but I’m afraid it might be slow to catch on, as people tend to view their DVRs, Apple TVs, and Vudus as investments, not to be replaced on a whim. Sezmi will have to have some strong incentives to move consumers to their system. Fortunately, they are playing with the big boys and have millions in backing funds, so if they go down, it won’t be with a whimper.