Report: Apple, movie studios reach agreement, will sell movies on iTunes same day as DVD release


Be on the lookout for an Apple announcement today regarding iTunes. The Hollywood Reporter says that Jobs & Co. have reached an agreement with several movie studios, including Diseny, Fox, Warner Bros., Paramount, Lions Gate and Sony that will let Apple sell movies on iTunes on the same day and date as their DVD release. That’s big because it could eat into DVD sales, which maybe means Hollywood is warming up to this whole digital distribution thing.

The bandied-about price is $3-$4 for a rental and as much as $15 for a download-to-own version. Eh, $15 seems a little steep to me, since for that same price you could head to the store and get a physical copy, back it up as many times as you like and play it anywhere, as well as enjoy all the lovely bonus features that come on the disc. Probably should be closer to $10, but what do I know.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be one of the many topics we discuss at tonight’s fiesta?