Sony DAV-F200: Small footprint home theater


STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION. That’s one way to describe Sony’s new Bravia home theater setup, the DAV-F200. Another, less boisterous way to describe it is by calling it what it is: a virtual surround sound, um, home theater setup. While “virtual” surround setups have gotten better over the years (so says one of the guys who calls into Leo Laporte’s radio show occasionally), I personally would break the bank, spend the dollars while they’re still worth something and get an all-out surround sound system. But maybe you don’t have the space, I don’t know. If so, hear me out for a second.

In addition to supplying virtual surround sound, the DAV-F200 receiver upconverts content to 1080p, delivered via an HDMI connection. There’s a USB port on the little guy, too, so you can connect your PMPs and have Men Without Hats blast out of the speakers.

Yes, I’d have to actually “hear” the unit in action to say whether or not it’s worth plopping down cash for, but it certainly looks aesthetically attractive. Look for it in June.