Robotic exoskeleton from Raytheon looks like an Aliens Power Loader or Exo-Squad suit

This kind of exoskeleton has been around for a while in prototypes and blueprints; I remember seeing one in DARPA paperwork years ago, but I think that now they’re getting out of the prototyping stage. The article compares it to Iron Man because it’s timely but I think that’s quite a stretch; it’s much more like a power loader or a dude from Exo-Squad.

It can lift a payload of 150lb, which really puts it more in the flower loader category, but still, I’m sure they could use one of these in every division for moving stuff around the base and so on. They’re agile enough to play soccer and powerful enough to carry boxes of ammo so the military is in ecstasy over them. Not a lot of protection from bullets, though (or face-huggers).