Blockbuster getting into the gaming business

40gb ps3 spiderman box
It probably looks like this.
Today, Blockbuster announced that they will be expanding their gaming portfolio by adding more titles for all platforms as well as selling hardware and accessories throughout their locations. That’s a great idea, had they done it years ago. There are places called Game Stop that cater specifically to gamers, Blockbuster . Maybe you missed that memo. To entice new gamers, Blockbuster will be offering a special PS3 bundle that includes a 40GB version with and HDMI cable, remote, “Spider Man 3” on Blu-ray, “Transformers” game, and a 12-week PS3/Blu-ray rental card that entitles users to one free PS3 or Blu-ray rental per week for 12 consecutive weeks. All of that can be yours for $500.