EcoCabs: Environmental friendliness at 7.5 MPH


Part rickshaw, part cab, but all green — it’s the EcoCab. Come to think of it, “part cab” might be stretching it just a tad, since most cabs can, oh I don’t know, go on the highway. This cab, however, is for getting from Point A to Point A-and-a-half. It’s pedal powered but features a small electric motor to help the “driver” achieve speeds of just under eight miles per hour.

A fleet of 28 EcoCabs has apparently just hit Toronto, according to, and rides will be free “during summer street festivals and special events.” A commenter on the site mentioned that EcoCabs have been giving free rides in Dublin, Ireland for the past year, so it appears that riding in an EcoCab might always be free. How is this possible, you may or may not ask? Through the magical wonderment of cab-adorned advertising. It really, truly does make the world go ’round.

Photo by Roger Cullman