Craigslist to eBay: What's your problem, jerk?


Things are getting messy in the used items category of the Internet, a place where many of us get our gear.

Auction site eBay is suing Craigslist, of which it has a minority interest, for trying to dilute its stake in the classifieds company. The stake is 28%, but eBay claims the Craigslist leaders tried to maneuver it down to around 18%.

The suit came as a shock to Craig Newmark and the rest of the Craigslist board, who shortly after posted a damning rebuttal on the Craigslist blog, calling eBay’s actions unethical and perhaps an overture to a hostile takeover.

This will all wind up in court in Delaware, where the suit was filed, according to the AP. We’re hoping this ends well; eBay has the economic muscle — as well as the motive — to quash one of the great Internet success stories.