New iPhones rumors a-swirlin: iPhone shuffle?

What’s the most ridiculous thing you can imagine? An “iPhone Shuffle” with no video playback? Funny, that’s what I was thinking too! That is why this rumor is, at least partially, completely ridiculous. The thicker, 3G iPhone with a super-battery is much more likely, though it would be the first time Apple made their flagship product bigger.

But an iPhone Shuffle, half the thickness of a regular iPhone but with the same screen, with 4GB of memory and (it bears repeating)no video playback? Does it come with a manticore?

Hit the “more” for the full details from hot tipper Doug.

Just as the iPod lineup developed and branched out, so does Apple have plans for the iPhone lineup. Here’s some of what is being considered:

A “Pro” or “Max” model, that is noticeably thicker than current model (over 15mm, versus 11.6mm for existing iPhone), to incorporate a battery with almost triple the duration of the existing iPhone. This model is also the 3G model. It is targeted for power users and enterprise, meaning people who may use their phone 2-3 days in a row (on a business trip) without accessing a PC or having the time or opportunity to charge it.

Existing iPhone stays the same, along with no 3G, just Edge.

Also being considered, and with engineering and development basically done, is a new entry model, that is slimmer than the iPod Touch (an amazing 6.2mm versus iPod Touch’s already amazing 8mm), and slightly less wide (58.6mm versus 61.8mm for iPod Touch). Screen size is the same; this width reduction comes from the casing. It does not offer video playback and has only 4GB. Could be as low as $159. Name to be determined, internally referred to as iPhone Shuffle, definitely not the final name. Edge, of course.

They say he’s “faithful,” but that’s a long way from being right.