THIS JUST IN: Some people don't want XP to go away

xp On June 30th, Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP. According to the Associated Press, some people aren’t too thrilled “that Microsoft has the power to enforce the phase-out from a stable, decent product to one that many consider worse, while profiting from the move.”

Better start a petition, huh? Galen Gruman of InfoWorld has done just that with the “Save Windows XP” online petition. It’s gathered over 100,000 signatures since January but Microsoft “has declined to meet with Gruman to consider the petition.”

While some may point to the immortal words of Homer Simpson — “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is; never try.” — the real key to keeping XP around for a bit longer may rest with businesses. Analysts predict that Windows XP’s business usage will be at around 70 percent by year’s end and, although support for XP will be offered until April 2009, it’ll be pretty interesting to see how companies react to any new computers they order after June of this year being preloaded with Vista.