IBM develops new memory that holds 100 times more data than current memory


Thanks to IBM scientists—who says Intel does all the heavy lifting these days?—we may soon have portable devices that can hold more than 100 times more data than they currently do. The comparison that’s been thrown around is, imagine an iPod with a 500,000 song capacity. (The iPod classic holds 40,000 songs.) Nirvana, I agree. IBM’s calling the new type of memory “racetrack,” which works, in so far as it can be plained to non-physicists, by using the spin of an atom. Oh.

What’s even better about racetrack is that, while, like Flash, it has no moving parts, it can write and re-write without flaking out, unlike Flash, which can only withstand but so many re-writes before failing.

In other words, racetrack will change the way you listen to Donna Summer on the subway.

via Drudge Report