Star Wars prop designer sued by Lucas over copyright

stormtrooper armor

A prop designer from the original Star Wars films is in court battling the empire of Lucasfilm in the UK. Andrew Ainsworth was one of the original costume designers for Star Wars and was responsible for the final look of Stormtroopers, Sand People, and other characters, especially the masks or helmets. Since the movie, Ainsworth’s been selling replicas, notably of Stormtrooper armor, out of his shot in the UK.

The problem is Lucas didn’t give Ainsworth any permission to so such a thing. Ainsworth argues that he was under no contract regarding copyright of the items, and as designer he has the right to sell replicas. Lucas counters that as the holder of the copyrights for all things Star Wars it should have the legal authority over the merchandise.

We think we know how this will end, with Lucasfilm getting lots of money.