GelaSkins stickers: Inexpensive way to customize your laptop

Like GalleryPlayer yesterday, this isn’t news per se, more of a “if you didn’t know about this…”

Gelaskins. It’s like a vinyl sticker for your laptop or iPod or iPhone. The company licenses not-too-shabby artwork, then makes the sticker, which you place on your device of choice. That up there is the latest one, called Motherboard, while my personal favorites are this one and this one.

Most, if not all, of the MacBook skins are $40, so Gelaskins is a significantly cheaper way to customize your laptop than, say, Colorware, which charges $450 to color a MacBook.

So yeah, just a heads up for y’all. Most of the art is really good, so if nothing else, you can browse through the Web site to kill a few minutes.