Sony launches PSP, Walkman-friendly set-top box

Sony BDZ A70

The PSP is a definite multimedia platform, and AT&T is selling a metric assload of Walkmen phones from Sony-Ericsson, but both of these devices have limited sources of media to take advantage of.

PS3 owners have long enjoyed the ability to rip disks or downloadable content for their portable devices, but what if you’re an Xbox 360 fan? Enter the BDZ-A70, a set-top DVR-style device that automatically formats content for your portable Sony devices. Pretty cool, really.

Unfortunately, because it’s Sony, it will only work with Sony peripherals and devices. That’s what Sony does. It also lacks the PS3’s Blu-ray drive, so depending on the price when this hits, a PS3 might still be a better value. You can play video games on it, you know.