Creative backs down on threats to driver writer

The Register is reporting that Creative has reinstated programmer Daniel_K’s Creative Vista driver on the official Creative sight and that, well, actually I’m not sure what they’re saying here:

We have read the strong feedback about Creative’s forum post regarding driver development by daniel_k and other outside parties.
Creative’s message tried to address our concern about the improper distribution of certain software, which is the property of other companies. However, we did not make it as clear as we would have liked that we do support driver development by independent third parties.

The huge task of developing driver updates to accommodate the many changes in the Vista operating system and the extensive testing required, including the lengthy Vista certification requirements for audio, makes it very difficult for Creative to develop updates for all past products.

Outside developers have been very helpful to Creative and our customers by developing updates for many of our Sound Blaster products, and we do support and appreciate these efforts. This however does not extend to the unauthorized distribution of other companies’ property.

We hope to work out a mutually agreeable method for working with daniel_k in supporting his efforts in driver development. Going forward, we are committed to doing a better job of working more closely with third parties to support their development for our products and our customers.

The original email, sent by Phil O’Shaughnessy (who is actually a pretty cool guy) isn’t scathing but it was a bit insulting. While it’s well within their rights to blow someone off their forums, their suggestion that he is profiting by rewriting Creative drivers is fairly ludicrous. The kid did a lot of work to get his hardware to work and put up a donation button. That’s hardly formalized profit motive. He wanted a few beers.

This sort of thing is obviously getting more and more prevalent, especially with the driver problems with Vista, and all it does is make a big Internet stink ball and make everyone mad. Companies: chill.