The iPhone is finally coming to Canadia. Or not. Or it is.

Usually we like to write posts that have some sort of certainty about them, “iPhones have multitouch!” or things of that nature. For this, we cannot, as the point of the article is the unknown nature of the iPhone in Canadia.

Everyone sort of assumed it would go to Rogers, as Rogers is Canadia’s only real nationwide GSM provider. But if that’s the case, it should have started selling by now.

Canadia is about to have a bandwidth auction much as we just did, and Niagra Networks Inc., a mysterious networking company, plans to bid on much of the spectrum that can be used for GSM. Both AT&T and T-Mobile are rumored to be partnered with Niagra, who’d likely start up a new GSM network.

That being said, all of this is a little problematic for a quick launch of the iPhone, so we still see Apple and Rogers trying to work something out for June.