The Really Simple becomes Multimedia with Cellyspace

Like the alchemists of old who converted lead into gold, Cellyspace launched an application yesterday that automatically converts RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) feeds directly to mobile subscriber’s messaging in-boxes. There is bound to be gold for someone at the end of this rainbow.

Skycore, the developers of Cellyspace, think the auto-conversion of RSS content will make mobile syndication easier and more readily available. It is hoped that by delivering multimedia feeds rather than short, text-only feeds subscribers will be more fully engaged in the content.

By converting the Really Simple to Multimedia, a feed can be viewed without a subscriber first logging onto a mobile web site or launching a feed reader application. Instead, subscribers are alerted on receipt of the feed and can view it immediately or whenever most convenient since it’s stored in their messaging in-box. This thing is better than having your own Philosopher’s Stone.

The magically converted Simple transmutes into a Multimedia slide show that includes up to eight slides, each with an image, 300 characters of text and an optional URL link for additional content, info or promotions. MMS Feeds can be billed to the end user as either premium or standard rated feeds. Providers are given the choice to add third-party advertising or promotions to their feed.

“Feeds with both images and text are generally more compelling than those with text alone. Engaging subscribers improves subscription retention and increases their response to any call to action in the feed,” said Rich Eicher, President of Skycore LLC.

I’m not in the advertising or promotion business but this looks like the type of thing that can put some serious gold pieces in your purse if used correctly. Three links are provided below.

Short Demo