All About Linux 2008: How to install Ubuntu


Installing Ubuntu is literally as easy as dropping in a disk. However, it is important to understand that Ubuntu needs its own clean drive to run correctly. If you are a beginner, we would suggest installing Ubuntu on an older machine or running it from CD-ROM which will give you a taste of Linux without endangering your hard disk.

This is by no means an exhaustive examination of Linux but it does give you a quick and dirty description of how to install and run Ubuntu. Trust me: it’s easy.

What you need:
1. Ubuntu Linux install disk
2. A PC from after 2000. Older machines might not run the software well. You can literally put this on almost any machine including old laptops and desktops from the last few years.
3. A fresh hard drive if you need to keep the data on your current hard drive. You can partition your drive but unless you’re a Linux pro, just get a new drive.

1. Shut down your Windows PC and insert the Ubuntu disk.
2. Select “Start or install Ubuntu”
3. After inserting the disk you will boot into a single user live installation. Here you can play with Ubuntu all you want. You can try out all the installed applications, browse folders, and even play games. Note that you won’t be able to save any data when playing so don’t get too excited. Click the Install icon on the main screen.
4. Run through the basic configuration options until you come to the partitioning screen. If you’ve installed a new drive, it should appear as a master disk or as one of the drives in the configuration window. Clicking Guided and the drive name should allow you to install onto your clean disk. Note: This will delete anything on your drive, so be careful.
5. Wait.
6. Create a login and password.
7. Reboot. Select Ubuntu from the GRUB menu that should pop up. If nothing appears during the reboot or you go directly into Windows, you might have to try again. Most of the time the installation should be seamless.
8. Enjoy.

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