New ITC suit could have far-reaching effects on Blu-ray, other technologies

[photopress:threechairs2.jpg,full,left]Who is Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, and why is she potentially responsible for keeping technology like Blu-ray players out of your hands?

Rothschild is a retired professor from Columbia University in New York who holds a patent for short-wave LED lighting, the same type that powers the lasers used by Blu-ray to read high-density disks.

She’s filed suit with the US International Trade Commission, alleging that certain manufacturers, like Sony, are ripping off her patent. But Sony’s not alone.

Who does Rothschild name in her suit?

Well, pretty much everybody who manufactures or markets any kind of electronics in the US. It’s a long, long list, but what’s scary is that the litigious old lady has done this before, and won.

Let’s hope this gets settled quickly and cleanly so we can get on with our lives, yes? Yes.

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