Secrets from Lost: Something about the black box


Lost, blah blah Ben blah blah smoke monster blah. Blah blah Whitmore blah blah (“NOT PENNY’S BOAT!” said the hobbit) blah blah!

Cash also says it is absolutely possible that a plane’s black box would still be in working condition after four months on the ocean floor. The current record goes to a recorder that, after nine years at the bottom of the Mediterranean, was perfectly fine. “The water, in general, doesn’t hurt them at all,” Cash says. “It’s the air that hurts them once they’ve been wet. It starts the corrosion and rust process.” Once the black box is found at a wreckage site, it’s transferred to the lab in a water-filled cooler so the data can be retrieved and copied right away.

Blah blah mystery blah smoke monster blah with Sawyer in the blah blah up inside Jack. Blah blah I’ll bet anyone 50 bucks this show ends up like Twin Peaks and angers us all to no end. Blah.

Lost’s Black Box Story Holds True, NTSB Records Chief Says: Hollywood Sci-Fi vs. Reality [PopMech]