Terabyte HDD roundup finds latest Samsung best all-around


ExtremeTech added two new 1TB hard drives to its terabyte HDD roundup, the Hitachi A7K1000 (around $350) and the Samsung HD103UJ (around $260). No, those numbers mean nothing to me, either. The long and short of it is that the Samsung drive represents the best value of the bunch, coming in at the lowest price of all seven (ET had tested five before these two new ones)—”we’d certainly recommend it for most standard desktop environments requiring large capacities.” Can’t beat that.

You’ll notice I made it through this whole post without amateurishly mentioning, “loz u can has lots of pr0n now1” I care too much to do that to y’all.

Storage Showdown–7 Terabyte Hard Drives Compared [ExtremeTech via The Inquirer]