Grace Digital’s New XLink Cellular Gateway

Grace Digital, a manufacturer of audio and telephony electronics, is now shipping its new line of XLink Cellular Gateway. This device allows consumers to integrate their cellular phone service with their home phones via a cell phone’s built in Bluetooth connection.

Integrating your cell phone and home phone together will help you never miss a cell call while relaxing at home. If the cell phone rings, all the phones in the house will also ring, allowing you to answer from anywhere in the house. XLink also allows you to make any outbound call using your cell phone minutes. Simply dial like a regular phone and XLink will automatically use your cell phone minutes.

If you have poor cell phone coverage in certain areas, place XLink where there is good coverage, and both your cell phone and in-house phones will be able to receive and place calls. Even areas like a basement will be covered.

The XLink is available in two models. The ITC-BTTN (MSRP $169) connects up to 3 cell phones and 1 phone line. If you want to get rid of your monthly home service completely and only use your cell phone service, the ITC-BT (MSRP $159) is available. Both models connect to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone and any cordless or corded telephone.

Grace Digital