Express your fanboyism with a Sony-style tattoo

The PS3 is, it must be said, a powerful and versatile system. However, that does not really qualify it as a good tattoo subject. Flaming someone on an internet forum for hating on your console, well, that’s fanboyish, but getting Sony intellectual property permanently written on your skin? That borders on zealotry, my friend.

I have a feeling it won’t be long until roving bands of fanboys clash on the street with super-powered motorcycles, Akira-style — and we all know how that movie ended. Actually, I don’t think anyone can really tell you what happened towards the finish there, but the motorcycle gangs are still the logical next step for forum trolls. Be careful who you flame; Sony’s got a posse.

dualshocktat.jpg 425_n713281533_495915_33.jpg

This is skin art: more PS3 tattoos [PS3 Fanboy]