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Johnal on Verizon charging for data over 5GB on “unlimited” plan

I wish I had Verizon just so I could cancel my account.

Skip on Behind the original HBO movie intro

Heh. I remember seeing this “making of” short on HBO when I was a kid. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of labor and energy that people put into stuff like a program bumper. How much did HBO spend on that thing? It shouldn’t surprise me, though – I work in the newspaper business and we waste money and time on stuff like this every day.

Travis on Would you use an ATM for movies?

I would us this – but older people will never go for it, I tried to get my mom to rent from a Redbox and it was a damn mess – she could not read the screen – she kept pressing the wrong buttons – finally I told her to step back and I did it all in about 10 seconds. Now imagine that on top of the memory card to set top box process and you have the makings of a nightmare. Plus, I like that I can rent from Redbox for free (yeah rental codes) and could take the discs home and “back them up” (not that I do that just saying you could).