Maemo brings PAN to Nokia Internet tablets


Current owners of Nokia N-series Internet tablets can use their integrated Bluetooth connections to start dial-up networking with tetherable handsets for Internet access on the go. But DUN is awkward and clunky, the new hotness, especially for smartphone owners who like Windows Mobile, is Bluetooth PAN.

PAN offers a simpler way to connect. Instead of having cumbersome modem scripts and login info on your tablet, you simply share your smartphone’s connection via Bluetooth. It’s far easier and more elegant of a solution.

And the Maemo community of tablet developers has just developed an add-on package for Nokia tablets granting them PAN powers, just like MacBooks and other Bluetooth-friendly computers. Your handset needs to support PAN, too, but if it does, this is a better way to keep your tablet connected.

Bluetooth PAN connectivity arrives for Nokia Internet Tablets [JK On The Run]