Drink driving: Ndrive G400 GPS device has built-in breath analyzer

I think this qualifies as synergy. The Ndrive G400 looks like the typical GPS device you’d see walking down the street. But it’s not typical. Well, it sorta is, but it does have a feature I’ve never seen before—a built-in breath analyzer.

As the above video shows (does it cut out, or am I crazy?), the G400 will analyze your breath for signs of alcohol. If it detects too much alcohol, it displays a friendly little message pleading with you not to drive. Of course, if you’re already that drunk you’d likely see the warning and say, “Please, I got this.”

And then something bad happens.

It looks to be Europe-only for now. A nice little feature, but without any way to enforce the “don’t drive,” it’s more os a gimmick than anything else.

Ndrive G400, un PND avec éthylotest ! [GPSAndCo via oNaviGadget]