What's up with game companies ignoring South America?


Why do video game companies ignore South America?

Next Generation asks just such a question today, wondering out loud why the hardware companies (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) ignore the continent; with no hardware, how can there be software? Ten points are explored as to why this happens, and why it’s a silly policy. Piracy is cited, both in the article and in the comments, though the high price legitimate software may help explain this. (There are game consoles in South America, of course, but they have to be imported as they’re not locally produced.)

South America’s broadband penetration is on the rise, English is spoken to a large degree, making translation optional (thus cutting costs) and there’s a gaming press there—getting the word out about upcoming games/consoles is all the more easy.

Yeah, it’s more of a “it’s Friday, what kind of Digg-baity list can we come up with” more than anything else, but I imagine it’ll kill a few wend-of-the-workday minutes.

South America: The Lost Continent [Next Generation]