QuickCup heats up water in 3 seconds: tea anyone?


The QuickCup, delightful little device that it is, somehow manages to heat up water in three seconds. From there you can make a cup of tea or cocoa or whatever else requires hot water. I know, it’s all very complicated. Be sure to watch the embedded video on the manufacturer’s Web site. I think they hired Oasis for the background music.

So to review, QuickCup heats up water in three seconds. Because life just isn’t worth living if you can’t have a cup of tea within three seconds of pushing a button. Comedian Brian Regan has a very similar bit to this: if you need to microwave your Pop-Tart or face getting to work late, maybe you need to loosen up your schedule.

Here’s a funny tea story for you. Back in sophomore year, my roommate and I, for whatever reason, went on a bit of a tea spree. Like, we’d go to the store and look for exciting, exotic teas to drink. Then we’d go back to the dorm and make the tea. We were like a bunch of old Greenwich Village queens; we should have been walking around with a tiny dog in between us. Like, there was no reason for our little tea sessions. If there truly were a God, the kettle would have exploded and put us in the hospital. Only then justice would have been served.

QuickCup [Tefal via Boing Boing Gadgets]