Toshiba's tiny 8GB mp3 player is GyaO-tiful

I’m not sure what’s up with the name, but this is a cool-looking little gadget. It’s from Toshiba (like this other little guy with a digital TV tuner inside) and it costs about $300. It costs the same as an 8GB tos1_09.jpgiPod Touch, but it’s a little smaller (for good or ill) and obviously doesn’t sport the same touchy interface. It’s got wi-fi, runs a version of Windows Mobile, and has what appears to be an integrated streaming video service offering stuff like Gatchaman (?) and National Geographic documentaries (sweet). To be honest, I can’t see picking this thing over the Touch, which is probably the hottest thing in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean that this GyaO isn’t a neat little device.

Toshiba GyaO T802 [AV Watch] [Google Translation]