Shock: BestBuy will sell DTV converter boxes this month


Y’all probably already know about the switch to all-digital TV next year, but for every one of you who do, how many don’t? 1? 2? 3?! Only God knows. But BestBuy knows something, too. Plenty of folks will be freaking out over the next few months trying to “fix” their TVs in time. The electronics chain is all too pleased to inform the Universe that it’ll start selling government coupon-redeemable converter boxes starting on the 17th of this month. You don’t need such a box if you subscribe to digital cable or satellite or have an over-the-air HDTV. You don’t need the box, but you might as well get one. Someone’s paying for it.

BestBuy will also train its employees on what the deal is with DTV converter boxes. My advice would be to know exactly what you need before walking through the doors (try here), lest you walk out with a box, washing machine and a digital camera (plus warranty+magazine subscription!). Clever salesmen.

Best Buy Announces Availability of Digital Converter Boxes in Preparation for Digital Broadcast Transition [BusinessWire]