Ninjas, Pirates and Black Ops to hit XBLA next Monday

xbla_logo.jpgBefore I getting started, I would like to know if you guys want us to inform you of upcoming XBLA releases. Leave a comment if you hate it else I’ll keep going with the updates.

Coming next Monday to a Xbox 360 near you is Ninja Gaiden Black, Sid Merier’s Pirates! and BLACK. Each game is 1200 Microsoft points. For our foreign readers, I should inform you that certain games won’t be available in certain countries. NGB from Tecmo will not be available in Australia or NZ. 2K’s SMP will not be available in Korea, Japan or Germany. And EA’s BLACK will be missing from Korea and Japan. As a bonus for those who purchase NGB, you’ll be able to play the original arcade versions of Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Ryukenden.