Medio gets all up in T-Mobile's T-Zone, T-Pain nods in approval

[photopress:medio.jpg,full,left]T-Mobile’s T-Zones is getting something of an upgrade in Medio’s On-Device Portal, a one-click for everything solution for the non-smartphone set. The MOD Portal, as we’re calling it, is a stripped down, but feature-rich launchpad for finding mobile content on handsets, for finding sports scores, weather, news, and other content easily without having to navigate several menus.

We haven’t seen it in action ourselves, but any improvement to the barren wasteland that is more mobile portals is a welcome one. The downloadable portal is available now on certain T-Mobile handsets, with the rest to follow Q1 of this year.

Medio [Product Page, and a T-Pain video from Ari Spool]