Facebook Now Supports LinkedIn Style Friend Suggestions

fbfriend-1.jpgFacebook has quietly added the ability for users to recommend friends to other friends, a social networking feature that comes straight from LinkedIn.

AllFacebook suggests that the new feature is Facebook recommending friends to users based on common friend sets, and yet in context the feature is listed along with the toggle for receiving emails “when someone..” suggesting that this is more LinkedIn style than any sort of automated service from Facebook, but I could be wrong.

In related Facebook news, one of two new iPhone ads from Apple feature Facebook on the iPhone. According to TUAW, this is the first time an iPhone app has been featured in the ad, and the voice over states “Apple announces in the commercial, “If you love Facebook so much that you check it all the time on your computer, just think how great it would be to check it every time… you’re, well, nowhere near your computer.” Whether this is just Apple cashing in on Facebook’s popularity by association, or given the very clear plug for Facebook part of some sort of tie-up is not yet known.