Microsoft supports Boot Camp Windows installations?


I’m just gonna throw this rumor out there but let’s keep our pants on for at least the rest of the afternoon (not that this is a huge deal, but it is a little interesting). According to a guy who knows a guy who works at Microsoft as a support technician, Microsoft now provides support for versions of Vista that have been installed on Macs.

It will not, however, support the setup of Boot Camp or the actual installation of the operating system. It’ll just support it once it’s up and running.

Hey guess what? Microsoft sells software. It should support that software wherever it’s installed. If you buy a copy of Vista and install it on an Apple computer, you should get support if you need it. I can see not supporting the software that enables Vista to get installed on an Apple computer (in this case, Boot Camp) but supporting the system once it’s up and running should be a given.

Rumor: Microsoft to Support Windows on Bootcamp []